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Snapstories is about sharing your heart and mind with others. It’s about bringing time to a standstill. Enjoying the moment. Remembering. Listening just to listen, and telling just to tell.



Back to the reading experience SnapLiterature – a storytelling game for teaching in high school.

Perhaps you have tried to cry over the beauty, rigor and depth of poetry, for later to do long analysis No tears, no jubilee over the meeting with the amazing literature, no painful acknowledgments. Occasionally, we might be better at letting students feel that experience is before analysis and interpretation
We hope that we can inspire new ways to  to experience the literature.

Strength Stories

 The purpose of Strength Stories is to spot the words, actions, and themes within the stories which inspire and strengthen you. Strength Stories is a game designed to make it easy to listen carefully and to tell stories truthfully. So when playing it, you will learn more about your own strengths and those of your partners.


    You can use the Accelerator Game to develop a specific project, to clarify an idea or as training in converting an idea into action.
    The players are guided through a structured, closely targeted process. At the end, it is clear what the idea is, for whom it is intended, why it is important – and how it can be put into practice.
    The players work together and come at the idea from all angles, so it’s a win-win for everybody!